BJ & Jacquelyn

BJ and Jacquelyn’s wedding was everything a wedding should be: family, friends, laughter, beauty, and love that has stood the test of time. These two were high school sweethearts, and have been together for ten years. All their families and friends dearly love each other, and it was just one big, happy party. It felt like pure Idaho to me. Laid back and authentic, but stunning and beautiful, with such a strong sense of friendship and family that only can come from a small town. We had sunshine, mountains, laughter, dancing, amazing food, and lots of love. What more do you need for the perfect day?

Marcus & Janessa

I think you will be able to tell how much joy and happiness there was at this wedding. I love photographing weddings because I have the opportunity to capture so much real joy and emotion. Photojournalism is my favorite, and weddings are rich with it! And this couple was so much fun to photograph. Thanks for honoring me with the privilege of photographing your wedding, Janessa and Marcus!


True, every photographer has a style. But I still want to be genuine to the people I’m photographing. I want their personality and spirit to show through. I want WHO THEY ARE to be what you see. Not just a pretty photo. Noah is a rad senior who smiles easily and but also has a serious side, and I had fun capturing all of it.

Marston Family

Sometimes parks and rivers and trees don’t quite fit with a family. Sometimes you’ve got to do concrete and modern buildings and geometric angles. And I’m totally cool with that. In fact, this location in downtown Boise has become one of my favorite locations to shoot. And isn’t this family super fun?

Etcheverry Family

I love the relationships I get to build with my clients, especially when I get to see them year after year. Makes me feel a little like family. I also love red hair, bow ties, and bright eyes… and coke bottle glasses with fake mustaches.

Wickenden Family

Last time I photographed this beautiful family, they were announcing baby #4! So this time around, I was really looking forward to capturing his sweet face, along with all the other lovely faces in his family. I’ve known Shannon for a long time, and she is an amazing hairstylist and a good friend, and my hair appointments always feel like I’m just going to have coffee with a friend.


Jalen is another senior that I photographed when he was only a toddler. Yes, I feel old. But I’m so glad he wanted me to do his senior photos, because we explored some of the iconic places in Boise, and even though the rain tried to threaten us, we got some amazing photos that showcased this awesome senior and some of the places he likes most.

Warren Family

Every year I get to photograph this family. And every year I fall more in love with these girls. So much joy. So many giggles. So much sass and spunk. So much LIFE! To try to capture it all on camera is my joy and pleasure.


Drew comes from another amazing family. Our families have been good friends for the past several years. And it was about four years ago that his mom said she wanted to book me for his senior pictures, and those four years FLEW by! I was so excited to do Drew’s photos, not only because he’s such a great guy, but also because he loves dirt-biking and skateboarding and has an amazing course in his back yard, complete with a huge jump he and a friend built that required some serious welding and a backhoe! So I was practically drooling when I thought about the photos we could take!

Just see for yourself….


This is monumental, folks. The first time I photographed this beautiful senior, she was six months old. SIX MONTHS. I go way back with her parents (college days!), and when I was first getting started with my photography, they were brave enough to let me try out my fledgling skills on them.

And now their oldest is a senior in high school! (And yes, for all of you trying to do the math, that means I was 12 when I first photographed her… ) It goes without saying I’m a big fan of this lovely person, and I’m so glad I got to capture her beauty with my camera, way back then and now!

Smith Family

This momma is amazing. And her kiddos are pretty terrific too. I was SO HAPPY when she asked me to do their family photos. And when I stumbled upon this new location, and then they all showed up in such perfect colors, I was in pure photographic heaven. I could do it all over again a million times. LOVE.

Nick & Melanie

I was able to spend a beautiful evening with these two and their puppy in the Boise foothills. Their love for each other shows, and I know they are excited for their wedding next September! Best wishes to you both!

Lindley Family

It goes without saying that family photos are usually mom’s idea, and the guys are usually (dragged) along for the ride. But it’s always a priority for me to make an environment where everyone can have a little fun, and maybe forget that they are at a photo session. And usually at the end of the session, someone tells me, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be; it was actually kind of fun.” And I happily take the compliment!

Celita & Carl

Love stories are the best. That’s what I love about weddings. Weddings are a couple’s love story wrapped up in one special day, full of personal moments and people and details that are uniquely beautiful. These two had such a meaningful ceremony, and their vows were so heartfelt. And when Carl knelt down and told his new son Griffin his own vows, there wasn’t a dry eye around (including my own!). The whole day was full of family and friends that were so happy to be sharing in this new family’s happiness. And I’m so glad I got to share in it too!

Johnson Family

Oh my goodness. This extended family session was FULL of great stuff. First of all, I photographed one of the couple’s wedding several years ago, back when I was still shooting film! We even re-enacted one of their wedding photos. Second, there are TEN kids in this extended family. Ten kids full of spunk and laughter and independence. There is also a lot of love in this family, which I think is so evident in the photos. And last, we did all the photos at their parents’ ranch, which is up for sale. So I spent some extra time documenting the place and all of its personal landmarks. Sometimes, if I have time, it’s fun for me to include photos of the locations where I do photo shoots, to give a sense of place to my client’s images. But this time it was extra important for me to capture the surroundings… so many years of memories were there, and I wanted to give this family a way to remember them.