Johnson Family

Oh my goodness. This extended family session was FULL of great stuff. First of all, I photographed one of the couple’s wedding several years ago, back when I was still shooting film! We even re-enacted one of their wedding photos. Second, there are TEN kids in this extended family. Ten kids full of spunk and laughter and independence. There is also a lot of love in this family, which I think is so evident in the photos. And last, we did all the photos at their parents’ ranch, which is up for sale. So I spent some extra time documenting the place and all of its personal landmarks. Sometimes, if I have time, it’s fun for me to include photos of the locations where I do photo shoots, to give a sense of place to my client’s images. But this time it was extra important for me to capture the surroundings… so many years of memories were there, and I wanted to give this family a way to remember them.

Haverfield Family

This was such a fun location. We were fortunate enough to have the right connections so we could use this very cool old farm for their photo shoot. And this family is so much fun... it's easy to see how much they enjoy each other. Especially the cousins. I hope these photos will remind them of many happy memories.