Celita & Carl

Love stories are the best. That’s what I love about weddings. Weddings are a couple’s love story wrapped up in one special day, full of personal moments and people and details that are uniquely beautiful. These two had such a meaningful ceremony, and their vows were so heartfelt. And when Carl knelt down and told his new son Griffin his own vows, there wasn’t a dry eye around (including my own!). The whole day was full of family and friends that were so happy to be sharing in this new family’s happiness. And I’m so glad I got to share in it too!

Casey & Erin


Imagine a lovely summer wedding at a rustic campground along Payette Lake, filled with happy people, and centered around bride and groom who have loved each other since they were young teenagers. Yep, all that beauty and goodness and love really happened a few weeks ago, and I had the privilege of capturing it all. Erin and Casey, thank you for inviting me to your gorgeous celebration! Keep loving each other like you do so well...